Bill Johnson despre Todd Bentley

Modul in care acesti “apostoli” mincinosi se promoveaza unul pe altul ne este deja cunoscut. Din pacate aceste vorbe goale pacalesc pe multi… La fel cum Iosif Ton ii promova mai demult pe Randy Clark si Bill Johnson, zilele trecute am vazut un clip in care Randy Clark vorbea despre Iosif Ton. Nu suntem nascuti cu abilitatea de a nu fi pacaliti, lucrul acesta il invatam cu timpul. Sa fim dar intelepti si sa nu ne (mai) lasam pacaliti!

Iata ce spunea zilele trecute Bill Johnson despre Todd Bentley:

I have often said kingdom knowledge without kingdom experience is pointless. Todd Bentley operates from a theology of miracles, but also has the life experience to back it up. In his early years he sought the Lord with such abandonment that God entrusted him with encounters that few have had. In his book, Christ’s Healing Touch: Volume II, Todd Bentley unveils a wealth of personal experiences that have the potential of launching the reader into a lifetime journey of their own. To read this book and remain a spectator would be hard. Todd’s pursuit of healing, faith and supernatural breakthroughs has given him valuable keys for freedom and deliverance. Because of this, his book helps the reader identify barriers to God’s purposes and bring kingdom solutions. The tools found in this book come from intimate communion and fellowship with the Father, giving us access to the blessings that have been provided for every believer. Enjoy this great book, and be released into the journey of lifetime.

Bill Johnson
Bethel Church, Redding, CA
Author, When Heaven Invades Earth and Hosting the Presence

Pe cand traducerile cartilor lui Todd Bentley in limba romana?

Bill Johnson a fost tradus deja…

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