Kabbalah (3) – Moshe Idel: Eros si Cabala

Eros este cel mai important subiect al misticismului iudaic (in opinia lui Moshe Idel):

“Eros will denote a complex of feelings, of ontological constructs and forms of behavior found in a certain culture, that inform the drive to establish sexual or emotional contacts, corporeal or spiritual, between two entities, in which at least one of them attracts the other. An erotic impulse may be consummated corporeally, and this consummation may be designated as sex; or, if consummated spiritually, this may be a form of what is called Platonic love or mystical experience; or it may not be realized at all, in either way.”

“The entire Jewish ritual is conceived to be the tool for creating a sexual encounter between God and his female counter part known basically as Shekhinah.”

“Nevertheless, in many versions of the prayerbook, the most widespread Jewish book, an alarming Aramaic formula is found: Le-Shem Yihud Qudesha’ Berikh Hu’ u-Shekhinteih.”

“Its verbatim translation is: ‘[Liturgy is performed] For the sake of the union of the Holy One, blessed be He, with His Divine Presence.’ “

“It reflects the supreme aim of some important religious performances: to induce the union, which means the sexual union, between a masculine divine attribute, on the one hand, described by various terms like Tiferet, ‘‘the Holy One, blessed be He,’’ or ‘‘the sixth sefirah’’ and, on the other hand, a feminine divine manifestation, designated by a variety of terms like Shekhinah, Malkhut, Knesset Israel, ‘Atarah, and ‘‘the tenth sefirah.’’ (Moshe Idel)

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