Crestinismul progresist (2)

Oh, da! Devine din ce in ce mai interesant… Brian McLaren (acest Luther al secolului 21 cica) ne recomanda sa citim un articol. Cateva fragmente din acesta:

[1. On what basis do you still insist that marriage must be monogamous?

Answer: On what basis do you ignore the multitude of godly, spiritual, holy men and women in the Bible and history who were not in monogamous marriages? And what do you do with all the other forms of marriage condoned and commanded in the Bible?

So, I’ve shown my colours in my answer above. But let me try, again, to engage with Kevin in the spirit he has posed these questions. The reason I left this question to last is because it is a really tough one for me to answer. Personally, I think marriage (heterosexual and homosexual) should be monogamous, but I must be honest and admit that I am not entirely sure this is a properly Biblical position. I think it’s more cultural.]

[Can more than two people form a marriage bond that entitles them to have sinless sex with each other? The answer to this question, from a Biblical perspective, is that yes they can. I say this because they actually did – throughout the Bible. Regardless of what Genesis 2 says, there really is no normative marriage form in the Bible (and note that Genesis 2:24 does not imply that this is required, normative or the only model available)]

Deci in curand o sa se dea binecuvantarea si la “haremul crestin”. Iata inca o similaritate suficienta sa implementam “crislamul”.

Plus ca de ceva vreme pedofilia s-a scos de pe lista bolilor psihice… si s-a trecut la categoria “atractie sexuala”…

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