Teologia Dominionului (7)

Continuare de aici.

In acest episod despre dominionism trebuie sa apelam din nou la cuvintele unuia dintre apostolii de top ai miscarii NAR, si anume C. Peter Wagner. Va rog sa retineti cuvintele cheie in bold din citatele de mai jos, pentru ca ele sunt foarte importante ca sa realizati daca faceti parte dintr-o miscare care promoveaza dominionismul.

“Since 2001, the body of Christ has been in the Second Apostolic Age. The apostolic/prophetic government of the church is now in place. This may well be the reason that God has chosen to entrust to us the most challenging assignment that GHM has ever had—the Muslim peoples of the world, starting with the 15 nations of the Arab Middle East. . . .Our sphere also includes the Non-Arab Middle East, the Muslim nations outside the Middle East, and the Muslim Diaspora.

“In previous international prayer initiatives, we began to build our base by locating and identifying with the intercessory prayer movements. This time, however, we feel that God wants us to start governmentally, connecting with the apostles of the region. God has already raised up for us a key apostle in one of the strategic nations of the Middle East, and other apostles are already coming on board. Once we have the apostles in place, we will then bring the intercessors and the prophets into the inner circle, and we will end up with the spiritual core we need to move ahead for retaking the dominion that is rightfully ours.

“. . . The old days of missions are over, and we are now in a new day. . . .”

” . . . We need you with us as we launch out into these new territories with the apostolic/prophetic government of the church. We will depend heavily on workplace leaders, not just traditional church people.” [emphases added] (C. Peter Wagner, in his 11/01/05 Global Link letter Global Harvest Ministries). Sursa acestor citate o gasiti aici.

Unul dintre cei mai mari experti in legatura cu acest subiect al dominionismului este Dr. Martin Erdmann. Integrez mai jos cateva interviuri cu dansul precum si un review audio al cartii sale (“Building the Kingdom of God on Earth”) sustinut de Sarah Leslie de la Discernment Ministries.

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(Dominionism – Dr. Martin Erdmann)

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