Why I study Kabbalah?

Not because I am interested in Kabbalah per se but because I want to understand some of this New Age terminology that people try to hide under their “wise” statements. As you might already know, in the New Age terminology you will not find words like Jesus Christ, repent, sin, cross etc. Instead the keywords are: energy, synergy, flow, shift, space, transformation and so on.

There is a new book out there called “The Zimzum of Love” written by Rob Bell (one of the emergent church heretic leaders) which is supposed to bring a “new way” of understanding marriage. If you have no clue about what Kabbalah is, you might think this is a good christian message and you don’t think that there might be something wrong with it. What does the word “zimzum” mean? Is it from the Bible? No, it is a kabbalistic concept and you will not find such a concept in the Bible.

The Tzimtzum (Hebrewצמצוםṣimṣūm “contraction/constriction/condensation”) is a term used in the Lurianic Kabbalah teaching of Isaac Luria, to explain his new doctrine that God began the process of creation by “contracting” his infinite light in order to allow for a “conceptual space” in which finite and seemingly independent realms could exist. This primordial initial contraction, forming a Khalal/Khalal Hapanui (“vacant space”, חלל הפנוי) into which new creative light could beam, is denoted by general reference to the Tzimtzum. In contrast to earlier, Medieval Kabbalah, this made the first creative act a concealment/Divine exile rather than unfolding revelation. This dynamic crisis-catharsis in the Divine flow is repeated throughout the Lurianic scheme. (Wikipedia)

Below you can see how Rob Bell has adapted this concept to represent a “new way” of understanding marriage. Don’t forget, Rob Bell is not a christian but a New Ager, and I feel so bad when I see this guy promoted among Romanian evangelicals. Currently he is on a tour with other well known New Agers like Deepak Choprah and Oprah Winfrey. So I guess everybody should think twice before promoting him and his books.


  1. I think it is important to be aware of current movements. But not everyone can understand the effort and intention. For example, when I buy New Age books have to be careful as to not be visible in my shopping basket otherwise I could be considered heretical since I get that sort of books. It is a sort of obtuse thinking, however majority consider wise not to read this kind of books not to be lured. However I believe it is wiser to be aware than to be misinformed.

    New Age is an interesting movement that can capture easily the interest of crowds. It is divided into several segments, basically I consider most of the them as childish, foolish.

    At first site, Rob Bell seems to refer to theories promoted by Gregg Braden. Gregg seems to rise himself above the rest of New Agers due his strong background in science. He brings a new wave of theories and presents entire picture based on scientific theories. He cannot be easily dismissed. Of course the topics he treats are different than classic New Age meditations and meanings. He tries to bridge science and ancient religions, even Christian religion and to explain the background of some practices from this viewpoint. It’s difficult, at least at first site, to argue against since he carefully avoids the most disputed New Age topics. He comes with a strong background in Physics, especially in quantum Physics.

    Gregg starts presenting a few quantum Physics valid experiments and composes a picture linking all together. The interpretation seems to be very rational and logic. Even if he avoids most common New Age topics and most argued subjects, however his books have to be read carefully. He, basically denies any involvement in New Age movement, but I think it’s too obvious that he is moving closer to New Age than to any other movement.

    Gregg explains scientifically which is the background of various fields that surrounds human hearts and how all these interact to each other creating different feeling we perceive. He even measures with electronic equipments the human body electromagnetic fields. However, this is sort of cutting edge science and it’s not completely proved, so it’s required maximum attention of what kind of interpretation we give. Scientifically these theories are hard to argue against, as I said, so I’d recommend put your imagination and creativity on hold and to root ourself more in Bible which is true and real.

    In my experience I was almost mislead by these theories and I think it’s much easier to convince/trap someone who has no background in Physics. The same with Rob Bell’s theories. Despite the fact that Rob Bell’s book might look alluring and desirable, it’s advised to handle with cautious, to do Bible study on daily basis, to pray to receive wisdom from God.

    • Yes, you are right. Not too many people understand the reason for this effort. I do not recommend anybody to study New Age or Kabbalah unless he does it for research purposes. I study all these things because of that reason. Somebody might ask: Is it not enough to study only the Bible not to be deceived? From some point of view I would say yes it is, but I will prove soon that even the best theologians and people from the theological universities who study mostly the Bible only can be deceived. I cannot explain how that happens, but this is a fact. If they only study the Bible and they have even doctor titles how this happens? So what I want to say is that of course our focus should be on the Bible studies, but we should be also aware of what happens in this world regarding other teachings, at least to a general understanding.

  2. Hallo man! Here it is about cabbalah:
    and second 🙂 ptr unele conexiuni —
    and third 🙂
    (La ultimul link)
    Cabala este un cuvânt ebraic, care tradus literalmente însemnează “tradiţie”.
    Nesta Webster în cunoscuta sa carte “Societăţi Secrete şi Mişcări Subversive” explică, că teologia iudaică Cabala a fost introdusă în Biserica Romano-Catolică de către Papa Sixtus IV (1471-1484). La fel ca şi cu evreul florentin, Alemanus sau Datylus, Pico Della Mirandolla, în superstiţiosul secol 15, a primit instrucţiuni în Cabala şi şi-a imaginat că a aflat în acestea doctrinele creştinismului. Acesta l-a încântat pe Papa Sixtus IV, care a poruncit imediat ca scrierile Cabala să fie traduse în latină pentru uzul studenţilor teologi. NESTA WEBSTER, SECRET SOCIETIES AND SUBVERSIVE MOVEMENTS, http://web.archive.org/web/20021005055527/http://www.plausiblefutures.com/text/SS.html (website address current as of 2-28-05) (citing Lexicon of Freemasonry, p. 323). ……..

  3. I started studying all these things when I practiced martial arts. Even though most European practitioners don’t connect physical exercises with spiritual meditations I did, but not from beginning. On this way I came across with different practices. Later God showed me what is the background of these practices and I learned how to distinguish and to avoid.

    All these practices require developing a very good imagination, in fact everything starts with training it and bringing it to a higher level. Before training my imagination I’ve never known what are the dimensions of this it, but now I can say it is far beyond common people can predict. A well trained imagination is a very strong potential, but used wrongly may become a dangerous spiritual practice. Playing with imagination, things which often common people do, may drag one to develop extra physical abilities. Someone can get very excited moving objects with the power of imagination, yes but it’s very easy to involve dark spirits.

    Studying Kabbalah is very interesting, but one who is not aware of dangers surrounding this phenomenon may easily be dragged into unpleasant experiences. The same is true for yoga. Yoga seems to be a completely harmless practice, which improves flexibility. For a healthy body even wise physicians advise, but it can get one close to a dangerous side. Of course avoiding developing imagination, flexibility is not an assurance that one can stay away from bad spiritual experiences, but to have poor imagination, and bad flexibility 🙂 .

    With theologians and PHDs there is a different story, indeed studying theology in universities may increase theoretical abilities, but spirituality is like martial arts, even though you know everything about, it is far from doing some correct kicks. Unfortunately majority don’t understand that theory and practice are not one and the same thing. I never thought that I’d live enough to hear some famous Romanian theologians saying that it is all about having a relation with God. Following God mechanically without having a relation is a poor life, I attended many years a church which promoted that “we have the Bible, we have brains, we have strength and this is all we need, there is no more than these things” . These Christians can easily be dragged into any kind of experiences and are enslaved by the power of sin, since spirituality requires strength from God, not only knowledge. First Christians understood well that theory without a relation with God is in vain. Of course I disagree with the type of relationship promoted by NAR and other charismatic organisations of this kind, but without relationship everything is just deception, theoretical experience.

    As you said I don’t recommend either one to study Kabbalah and other spiritual practices since it requires good biblical understanding and a strong relationship with God.

    • Yes, I fully agree that this stuff is very dangerous, that’s why I read everything very quick 🙂 Basically I run through these teachings, just to get the basic ideas.

      I was reading somewhere that when you start a yoga session people tell each other “The god within me bows to the god within you”. For sure yoga is not just for flexibility.

      Today we have a high amount of these kind of teachings which have infiltrated the Church. Of course pretending to be some spiritual tools helping us to better “connect” with God. The point is that you get connected with some seducing spirits which bring you to all sort of revelations, thinking that these revelations are coming from God. So of course when we combine this kind of delusion with the self esteem gospel that’s a very dangerous combination.

  4. Salut Paul, am vazut. Multumesc. Cica astia de la blogspot din iulie 2015, gata! D-aia ma apucai sa le transfer pe toate pe wordpress… Incet…
    La studiile tale iti mai recomand un subiect: de ce crezi ca in cea de-a doua parte a sec 19 au aparut asa-zisele biserici crestine adventiste, iehoviste si mormoniste? De ce au trambitat ele sfarsitul lumii in intervalul acela pana la inc sec 20… Vezi ca toti fondatorii celor trei miscari au fost masoni! Masoneria insa nu e de capul ei, nu are cum… fiindca e ca o organizatie militara! Deci are generali dar ca orice armata serveste unui domnitor! Stii ce spunea Heine despre Rothschild? ca el e noul profet al lumii in contextul in care noul dumnezeu al lumii este banul! Suna a proroc mincinos? Da. Revenind la alea trei organizatii — a fost doar o coincidenta faptul ca mesajul lor era favorabil mai mult lui Pike si sudistilor in detrimentul lui Lincoln? Am sa scriu despre asta, cu razboiul civil si cu rasismul lui Ellen White… ca sa arat ca, de fapt, e vorba de o retea emergenta in care ptr prima data a fost folosita ca arma de manipulare Biblia! Ce dementa, asa-i? Mi-ee sila rau frate… dar cred ca dupa inca vreo 4-5 subiecte termin si cu postarile pentru avertizari.blogspot… Poate pare o nebunie, dar francmasoneria lucreaza pentru Rotschild — e drept ca Vaticanul are si el iezuitii sai acolo, daaca vrei chiar ca, contraspioni… Oricum bataia mare se da intre Vatican si Rotschild ptr suprematie… O sa detaliez… pare neverosimil, dar cleiul lor de legatura e talmudul, cabala! Cabala e arta cu care se distruge crestinismul evanghelic prin hranirea unor secte metafizice New Age cu acel tip de dialectica inversionist, distructiva… O nebunie… Le-am aranjat intr-o ordine stabila, sper doar sa punctez cum trebuie… Eu cred ca e datoria noastra… sa osandim lucrarea intunericului, din care, chiar si Walter Veith face parte — el, cu destainuirile lui, face mai mult executantilor o reclama negativa si instituie o stare de neputinta printre oameni, un defetism in timp ce fiara si proprocul mincinos se joaca la lumina luceferilor (sic!)… Lucrurile insa sunt mult mai simple, iar daca crestinii ar iesi din acest paienjenis de fobii si dezvaluiri si ar sti exact care sunt dracii si cum lucreaza, poate ca s-ar imbraca mai repede cu armura despre care vorbeste ap Pavel… Gata! Te las! Vorbim neicule!

    • Inteleg la ce va referiti. Chiar recent mi-am comandat niste carti pe tema asta. Inca nu am apucat sa le citesc dar sunt pe lista. Imi pare rau ca nu va inteleg insa in toate, eu sunt doar la gradinita masoneriei. Inca nu am ajuns la Pike si Hall, fac abecedarul cu Mackey 🙂

  5. Paul, apreciez vorbirea ta … superioara celei pe care eu o aveam la varsta ta! 🙂
    Revenim: nu sunt Mafalda! Dar toata lumea stie ca banul face si desface totul in lumea asta! Cu bani cumperi mercenari, cu bani schimbi guverne, cu bani faci revoultii si nu la urma ruinezi orice adversar! Pe vremea când eram student, ne invatara de unul, Adam Smith care zicea ca, economia este dirijata de o mana invizibila: la vremea aia am luat-o ca pe o metafora picata sec in aulele reci ale ASE-ului! Insa acum, ma gândesc si la o alta varianta a acelei maini, adica, decat metafora mai degraba contotatie mistica! Dar asta de pe urma e o speculatie! Un lucru e cert: Babilonul cel mare nu e Vaticanul! (am inceput sa ma gândesc la asta de vreo cateva luni…) Vaticanul e doar o fiica a curvei! De exemplu, 666 da si la Ellen Gould White – vezi ghematria! Proroci mincinosi si hristosi sunt multi, au fost, si vor fi! Asa cum spune Austin Sparks, in cartea sa, Ce este Omul?, antihristul este o suma de principii, de manifestari, de nazuinte etc… In final se va hotara care e prorocul mincinos si care e fiara…
    Ne putem insela, da! Dar pe drum exista si indicatori si borne kilometrice! Scopul real al crestinului este insa partasia cu Hristos! Relatia cu Hristos! Dar, expunerea lucrarilor intunericului, cade tot in sarcina alora de-au primit mai multi talanti… intelegi! Doar atat, la final, frate mai tanar si mai bun, sa stii ca aici, in Romania, ai ramane mirat sa vezi cat de new-ageri sunt cei din cls mijlocie si trecuti de 40 de ani: toti cu forte, cu energii, cu vampirism energetic, cu reiki, cu teozofie!!! Si toti, bineinteles, crestini! Au patruns si in liceul baiatului meu! Diriginta a zis ca e doar o actiune cu primaria! Si când acolo i-a tinut 3 ore, sa-i invete sa ”gandeasca” o duduie landmarkista si care are si cultura channeling-ului… Nu-ti zic, pe moment i-am facut sa dea inapoi! Era si un preot, parinte al unei fete, asta zicea ca totul e OK! Omul apara turma doar cu vorba…. Ma scuzi de divagatie… Dar intr-o lume ca asta, gunoiul trebuie aratat! Apoi sa aleaga fiecare cum ii va place! Pe mine m-a istovit munca asta de detectiv… si mai ales ca nu sunt vrednic… sunt un biet pacatos! Insa ai mai buni si mai destepti ce fac? Se duc pe la Consiliul mondial al bisericilor! 🙂 Atunci, sa iasa ai mai maci la seceris! 🙂 Sa nu ne rusinam de Hristos, asta e cel mai important! Si sa nu ne bazam pe intelepciunea noastra ci pe puterea lui Dumnezeu!

    cu sinceritate

    • Draga frate Daniel,

      nimeni nu este bun decat Unul singur: Dumnezeu. Eu doar incerc sa spun adevarul in dragoste, dar nu intotdeauna reusesc. Probabil cea mai mare frustrare o am in momentul cand incerc sa spun adevarul despre un lup in haine de oaie si ma simt atacat (culmea) tocmai de oi! Anul acesta probabil a fost anul mirarilor pentru mine si inteleg foarte bine ce spuneti. New Age e ceva foarte seducator si periculos. Am vazut chiar pastori evanghelici foarte cunoscuti care spuneau ca au facut o pasiune pentru scrierile lui Teilhard de Chardin sau Ignatiu de Loyola. Pentru necunoscatori primul e tatuca New Age (si preot iezuit) si al doilea e fondatorul “Societatii lui Isus” 🙂 Nu am vazut pe nimeni sa-si puna vreun semn de intrebare daca e normal asa ceva sau nu. Daca ma apuc eu sa scriu despre asta o sa imi sara in cap toata ceata lui Papuc.

      Va apreciez ca aveti curajul sa expuneti lucrarile intunericului si ma rog Domnului sa va dea (sa ne dea) putere si intelepciune in continuare. Va asigur de totul respectul meu si toata sinceritatea. Tocmai de aceea am incercat in ultimul an sa ma inconjor de oameni (online) de la care am ceva de invatat si care sa fie in stare sa vegheze asupra mea daca cumva observa ca o iau raza. Si cine stie poate ca odata o sa ma intalnesc si fata in fata cu prietenii mei virtuali 🙂 Nu stiu ce varsta aveti si nici nu as vrea sa va jignesc, dar pe vremea cand eram student cel mai mult imi placea la biserica joia, cand veneau in mare cei peste 50 de ani si vreo cativa mai tineri. Ma zideau cel mai mult indemnurile fratilor mai in varsta, uneori atat de concentrate incat valorau pentru mine mai mult decat zeci de predici de la programul de tineret. Cineva zicea ca daca te afli la o masa si esti cel mai intelept de acolo, cu siguranta te afli intr-un loc nepotrivit. Tocmai de asta caut sa stau la masa virtuala cu cei mai intelepti, poate se prinde si de mine ceva.

      Va doresc sarbatori binecuvantate!

    • Multumesc, la fel va doresc si eu multi ani fericiti in Domnul! Eu am doar 33. De ani 🙂 Domnul sa ne ajute sa luam aminte la avertizari si sa veghem in continuare. O sa revin si eu dupa vacanta cu avertizari noi.

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