Breaking news: Pastorul Cristian Ionescu in Norvegia

Cei de la “Barnevernet” ar trebui sa fie zilele acestea in alerta maxima deoarece inamicul lor nr. 1 se afla la Oslo, capitala Norvegiei. Nu se stiu motivele oficiale ale vizitei, dar printre altele pastorul din Chicago (lider al miscarii penticostale romane din SUA si al protestelor globale anti-Barnevernet) s-a intalnit ieri cu Jan-Aage Torp, seful unor apostoli falsi auto-intitulati pompos “Coalitia Liderilor Apostolici din Europa“.


Mai tineti minte ce scria pastorul Cristian Ionescu ca reactie la o scrisoare primita de la un alt pastor penticostal din Norvegia?

Let this be a warning to our youth being fascinated by all these American churches and ignorantly justifying them as „solid food” when in fact they depart sound doctrine. This is from a Norwegian friend, pastor in Norway:

… In the third generation of pentecostal leaders we have seen a fall from the clear doctrine and sincere biblical line that we kept from the time of the pioneers. Now the majority of the pentecostal leaders are very fascinated by the Word of Faith movement, and false teachers like Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard Browne, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen etc.
I guess it is all the same as you have seen in the US. Instead of listening to sincere men like AW Tozer, Leonhard Ravenhill and David Wilkerson, they rather choose Kenneth Hagin with his JDS and all this false teachings and manifestations….
During the last years our pentecostal churches had been very much „inspired” by Bethel Church in Redding California. Many Norwegian teenagers had been over there to bible school. Also the school of Rodney Howard Browne in Tampa is a popular one.
So, here we’ve got all the Kundalini show….


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